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What is a Home Inventory?


A Home Inventory is a professionally prepared list, including photographs, of the personal property located in and around your home which is filled with necessities plus life's little luxuries.

We all accumulate personal property but seldom take the time to account for all these possessions.

Think about how difficult it would be to list every lost item whether from a burglary or major natural disaster.

Don't forget to include in your Home Inventory the property stored elsewhere, perhaps in a storage area, garage or even a second home.

Why is a Home Inventory Important?

For example, can you prove the existence and value of the antique silver passed down from your Grandmother?  Even if a fire destroyed only one room in your home could you remember all the contents?  This is a loss of personal property so a Home Inventory is equally important to a renter as well as a homeowner.

You have spent a lot of time and money choosing household items that give you pleasure or make your life more comfortable.  Accounting for a loss is only one reason a Home Inventory is important.  You are also encouraged to include an inventory as part of your complete Estate Planning package.  Also consider how important a household inventory would be if you relocated.

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The value recorded for the items in your Home Inventory will help you and your insurance agent determine if you have adequate coverage to replace everything in the event of a loss however large or small.

Having a professional third party service

 provide home inventory services will:


  • Complete your protection process while easily keeping it up-to-date

  • Ensure larger, faster and more accurate claim settlements

  • Document all your possessions for many uses including estate planning

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